ASP - LaserNet 200 Autosampler Запрос

Application: Machine Condition Monitoring

The ASP is a self-contained sample changer and processor designed specifically for use with the LaserNet 200 series instruments. It provides the user with automatic and unattended processing of 24 oil or hydraulic fluid samples.

The ASP features a reversing paddle that stirs each sample to provide a homogeneous particle distribution. While the LaserNet 200 series instruments analyzes a sample, the ASP stirs the next one. A peristaltic pump draws the sample through the sipper of the ASP to the LaserNet. After processing, a robot elevates the sample sipper and sample stirrer from their respective sample bottles and lowers them into spray chambers for cleaning. Rinse solvent, interspersed with air pulses, is also pumped through the sipper tubing and the LaserNet 200 flow cell to wash away traces of the previous sample. The procedure is repeated until up to 24 samples are analyzed and processed. Sensors monitor the complete process, step by step.

Analytical Test

  • Automation for LaserNet 200 series particle counter  

  • Automatic/unattended sample analysis
  • No sample preparation
  • Automatic re-suspension of settled particles
  • Maximum sample throughput; processing time depends on sample characteristics
  • Low solvent consumption, use  inexpensive solvent (odorless kerosene or Electron Solvent)/
  • Low operating cost per sample
  • Specifically designed for the LaserNet 200 series
  • Two-stage wash system uses focused spray jets
  • Works with standard, readily available sample bottles